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Wagging Tongues by Yogie Chandra Tatvaraj | Book Review


Wagging Tongues is a compilation of short stories and reflections through the eyes and spirit of Ranjan D’ Cruz, an Indian maverick Rock Singer. The stories reflect the irony and frailty of life looking at the positive learning and funny side and always being a student of life. It is inspired in thought by the philosophies of Bruce Lee, Krishnamurti, Rabindranath Tagore, Albert Einstein, Eckhart Tolle and Osho. The book looks at the beauty of life and nature and being unique, not following any rigid path but being flexible and natural to one’s personality. The stories are eclectic covering various aspects of life from Knowledge , Intelligence , Wisdom, Birth , Death , Body , Mind , Spirit , Anger , Peace , Love , and Life and brings contemporary and timeless wisdom with something’s to laugh about and reflect.

My Review:

Wagging Tongues is an influential fabulous read. The book shuttles between a few genres of literature. By Ranjan, we are into short stories. He often appears with philosophies of others mentioned in the blurb, and even independently puts his quote and theories at times. In nutshell, the book is about seeing the world, getting the funny learning of life.

I sighed in appreciation for Ranjan, as he never got that pent-up frustration due to world’s tumultuous ways and secrets. However, the lead character remained tussling between identity crises and finding his original tune of life, attitude, his reflection in the world and tasks he performed. His findings and dogmatism never settled between the world and him. They both remained alien, aloof, clumsy and misfit for each other, and vice versa.

Throughout the book, which is partly biographical, and partly philosophical, and at times a pure spiritual non-fiction, the author still draws a line between his life and the illusions of the world through his invented character: Ranjan D’Cruz.

Many must have confused that Yogie is Ranjan. No. That’s not the case. Ranjan is his point of view to see the world. Both lived quite different lives.

Whether its names or events or ideology, fun never ebbs in Wagging Tongues. Yogie Chandra is as much as hilarious as a potential multi-faceted person.

Right since early days, Ranjan was a different type of person. The world may see him as mad, crazy, or simply weird. He doesn’t care as long as his dogmatism and education from school patronizes him. The funny aspect is that he cross checks the veracity what he learnt and heard. His most prevalent thought is that a few beliefs are dangerous, it shuts the process of clear thinking and awakening of consciousness.

The world of Ranjan is intriguing and unhindered by shame and curse of the world. However little I could grab from his book, yet I would like to conclude this review by summing one or two excerpts from the book:

‘Laugh at yourself often, it heals the all knowing soul and keeps the mind in its place.’ – Yogie Chandra Tatvaraj

Chasing the world you are chasing an illusion and Daniel Dennett beautifully commented, ‘There is no polite way to tell people they have dedicated their life to an illusion.’ Now not everybody is spiritually inclined and you are free to make what you want of this life, the choice is yours but be ready for its consequences and don’t complain of your predicament.

Most people take up a job and get married and have kids as that is the only narrative they are familiar with, but that in one way of thinking life. Life is finally perception and you can choose any narrative to live your life and not only those of media and films as that is not the only narrative to life.


5 out of 5! Superb combination of fiction and non-fiction and essays.


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