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Angels, Herpes and Psychedelics: Unraveling the Mind to Unveil Illusions by Beth Bell | Book Review


What if you realized that all relationships were here for your awakening? And you co-created the chaos and drama for your own growth and expansion…

Angels, Herpes & Psychedelics divulges Beth’s unexpected journey of awakening. From romantic encounters to toad-venom visions to angels in blue jeans, Beth’s story exposes how the soul’s true path can get messy, irrational, and even downright dangerous.

My Review:

Angels, Herpes and Psychedelics by Beth Bell is a beautifully written book about the author’s experiences with life and inward awakening. The nature of the book may look part memoir, part self-improvement – however it can help millions of people to discover their true seeking in life. As the story commences, I found the author’s life cool and good going with her husband Stuart. However, as the story chugs ahead, Beth’s internal awakening nudges her. As she was already a successful woman with respect to career and money making, the burden of bearing a dominant husband perturbs her. She listens to her inner calling and relied on intuition, though initially she was hesitant, and files for divorce. It wasn’t easy. The process went on for years.

I don’t want to get under the detailing storytelling, but it all starts when she moved to New Jersey for a new job posting along with her husband. It was a love marriage but things weren’t working with them. Anyway life moves on, she meets her own share of bitter sweet experiences. While away on a business trip, she encounters a fascinating businessman named Robert, they gelled well, and at the same time she has her first euphoric experiences, that’s where we get Angels from the title.

“As I sat on the grass and gazed up, an angel appeared – albeit a statue of an angel. It seemed to be peering down from the top of a mountain as I sensed a divine energy shining down on me.”

Beth usually looked for best in all aspects of her life and that led her to travel across the world, met many men, and tried quite a number of job offers. At one side, she was struggling to set a satisfactory life trail for herself, on the other hand I was feeling envious of her impromptu travel plans. One moment she is in the USA, next day she is off to Asia. Anyways, she was doing it all for her growth and internal awakening. But I would say, even though she was better off and has had a great circle of friends and supporting parents, she had her share of loneliness, heartbreaks, cold shrugs, deceits by men, and so on.

The most heartbreaking part of the book is her sojourn in India with a psychopath Klaus. That sounded quite filmy. I loved the way she looked at Peter’s misery and felt sad for him. The second word herpes from the title is given by Klaus. She got infected by him…and that was the end of all. But after shock, there is a new beginning. She moves to Bali and her struggle with fate and vagaries of life continues. Towards the end of the book, she has to break her rule of drugs. She is introduced to psychedelics: San Pedro. The spiritual ceremonies via psychedelics was something of high force, she had never such an ecstatic experience in her life. Probably the journey to find yourself is the toughest. She had to leave many just to be being with herself.

Another great aspect of the book is that Bell never ebbs her strong womanhood. She epitomizes a perfect woman, unhinged by feminism that fights for her real rights of life. Like men and children, women too have the rights to live their lives on their own conditions. I certainly got the hunch that whatever happens in our lives and whoever we stumble upon in the guise of relationships or friends acts towards our inward awakening if our intentions are genuine and true.

The book is brilliantly narrated. I had a time of my life reading this biography type stuff of a powerful woman. It’s abundant with amazing life-altering life lessons. Beth’s journey has been inspiring, real, and motivational. 

My Rating:

Absolutely 5 out of 5!


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