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Time to Awaken by Ora Nadrich | Book Review

Ora Nadrich’s bold and compelling book, Time to Awaken goes against the popular saying: Ignorance is bliss. The author asserts that ignorance is deliberate and it destroys us. Those who are truly awake cannot be in slumber. Awakening means rouse someone from a slumber that keeps one in a state of unconsciousness.

Bloody Dreams by Gopinath Lakshmanan | Book Review

Bloody Dreams by Gopinath Lakshmanan is a lovely insightful contemporary novel on the woes of women in our world. Rajeev the lead guy transforms into a girl only to realize their pain in his shoes. The story leads with examples and pragmatism with the help of imagined reality that means blood dream in the novel.

Mindfulness and Mysticism by Ora Nadrich | Book Review

Mindfulness and Mysticism by Ora Nadrich is a wonderful book that makes us realize the difference between our life that we are living and that we intent to live. The scope of the book transcends its genres, as it cannot be summarized in one category. However, I personally feel it’s part spiritual, part philosophical, and of course have elements of behavior/thinking pattern psychology.